Why Calangute Beach is so special?

Calangute beach is also called the 'Queen of Beaches' because the beauty you find at Calangute beach in Goa cannot be found elsewhere. It is a haven for the hippies. It was the hippies who discovered this beach in the late 60s. The exquisite beauty of the Calangute beach in India's Goa soon spread around, bringing hordes of Indian and European tourists. And this trend has still been continuingā€¦tourists come down to this small Indian state of Goa searching for this lovely beach. Once you reach Calangute beach in Goa, you can then spend your vacation soaked in the serenity of the sea, sun and sand. Goa Calangute beach is often crowded with people, children making sand castles, colourful crowds surging towards the sea, hippies busy remembering the good old times and the young and old alike lazing on the golden sands. This picture of a perfect tourist haven is completed with shacks and stalls under the shade of palm trees selling everything from fried prawns and beer to trinkets made of seashells. Calangute Beach is one of the beaches considered idyllic spots for surfing under the brilliant sun. Blue and tranquil, this beach destination has become the ultimate choice inn aqua sports fun. Parasailing, Jetskiing, Banana Rides, Speed Boats and many moreā€¦.. Nightlife in Calangute is simply amazing. There are various Pubs and Discotheques spread all over the place as they are the most wanted mode of entertainment in Goa. They provide an evening filled with fun and excitement.

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